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Shady Cove

Sunday, May 17, 2015

tl;dr: I biked from Grants Pass through Sams Valley to Shady Cove. My bike's rear hub is in rough shape.

Shady Cove I ate breakfast at Denny's and hit the road soon after. As the sun rose I kept shedding layers until I was eventually down to shorts and a shirt. I haven't been this warm on a bike in weeks.

Today's route was short. I followed the Rogue River for a ways before turning off into the farmland of Sams Valley before finally arriving in Shady Cove where I will spend the week. I had the energy to go farther, but there simply isn't any other places to stop in the next eighty miles.

I finally pulled my rear hub completely apart, removing the internal gearing. This is quite the operation. It turns out that a bearing cone had cracked on the right side of the hub, and the bearings on the left side were in very bad shape. Having no spare parts, I simply cleaned out the broken metal bits, lubricated it, and put it back together. At least it shouldn't grind quite so bad now. On the plus side, fifth gear isn't any noisier than the others now.

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