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2015-12-05 Adios

A map of my latest trip!



tl;dr: I flew home. But my bicycle didn't quite make it.

After my experiences with searching for gifts I checked online and realized if I left Mexico immediately I could save a hundred or so dollars. I had already paid for two more nights in the hotel, but whatever. I was done.

Packing up my bike proved easier than I expected. When you aren't anticipating rebuilding it again on the other side, you can break it all the way down to nuts and bolts. That makes it real easy to fit in a small box.

I took a taxi to the airport. I took a Aeromexico jet to Mexico City where I was to learn later that I should have picked up my bike from one plane and checked it in at another. I didn't have to do this on the way down, and apparently you don't have to do this if your layover is short enough. And I didn't do this, because I had no idea I was supposed to. So my bicycle is still in Mexico. It's not like I was going to be using it back in Wisconsin, anyway. I took another Aeromexico jet to Chicago and a bus from there.

So I'm finished with Mexico. I may never return. All of my relatives are amazed I lived. Apparently, they think news reports facts, and consider Mexico a crazy dangerous country. In fact, I don't think I've ever been anyplace where I felt more safe.

Between USA and Mexico, I biked about 3000 miles. With all of the unrecorded miles I spent being lost, I probably broke 3000 miles.

I had some unpublished notes about Mexicans' silver teeth and beggars (there were none) and how there are only white people in the stores in the morning and how it's still warm to the point of heat stroke even in December. And I guess those are my notes.

packing my bike

it all fits

Buen Viaje

Hautulco Airport

none of these bags in Chicago are mine

1726 miles plus 2019 kilometers equals 2980 miles

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