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3250 Miles

Sunday, July 27, 2014

tl;dr: I peddled into Gunnison and there ends my 3250 miles of peddling for this Journey. Back to Wisconsin.

3250 Miles For anybody who reads this blog regularly (hahaha snort), yes it took me a month to post this last entry. I am that lazy sometimes.

From my campsite I traveled down hill most of the way to Gunnison. What was left of mountains gave way to valleys and then to sage country without a tree in sight. I arrived in Gunnison mid-enough morning on a Sunday that I had to wait in line with the other tourists to get breakfast. A little while later I checked into a hotel for the week.

The week lasted two days.

Though I had a route planned that I probably only completed one-third of, circumstances have once again conspired to end another journey. I rented a car, loaded in my bicycle, and drove eighteen hours straight through back to Wisconsin. There I rode for another five hours to northern Wisconsin where the next two days were spent putting a new floor in our cabin.

In the end I peddled about 3250 miles.

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