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Peoria IL

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

tl;dr: Spending the week in Peoria IL trying unsuccessfully to offer vagrants food.

Peoria IL I'm spending the week in a hotel in Peoria IL. As far as I can tell, Peoria is another city that hates pedestrians, or it may just be this little area that has no sidewalks or even places to walk.

After walking across Interstate on-ramps and returning from a store about a mile away, I met a scruffy younger guy on the street. He said, "Can you spare a few dollars? I haven't eaten all day!" Fortunately, I had just purchased a box of "Buttery Rounds" (generic Ritz crackers). It was the only ready-to-eat thing I had with me. I know from experience that Ritz crackers do not survive long in the face of hunger. So I offered them to him. He smiled, shook his head, and walked away. I guess he wasn't that hungry.

I laid out most all of my gear in an attempt to decide what I don't need. There's a picture to the right. It looks like a lot, but it all fits on my bike.

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