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The hub is dead

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

tl;dr: My hub is done for. Rather than wait around trying to fix my bicycle, I decided to head home.

The hub is dead I'm almost caught up with work, so I decided to take an extra-long weekend. There are five days of biking ahead of me!

And my hub is dead. Well, it's not technically dead, but it isn't all that useful. I was willing to live with the grinding, but now it slips when I peddle. I can barely get up a hill. I obviously made something much worse. I stopped at an abandoned house along the Rogue River to once again rip the rear tire apart and see if I had done something more stupid than usual, but everything looked right to me. I put it into highway gears, but that didn't help. This hub is done for.

Ironically, all the gears now slip except fifth gear. Fifth gear works well.

So I had some choices. I could peddle south to Medford where there are some bicycle shops and hang out for a week or two while new parts were ordered and my bicycle was fixed. Or I could just be done with another trip. I've seen most of what I wanted to see on this trip, and I had little save for miles and miles of high desert ahead of me. I decided on the latter.

I biked into Medford, anyway. I rented a car and began the long drive back to Arizona where my van still sits.

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