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Yellowstone River Valley

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yellowstone River Valley It's a far cry from being repaired, but I replaced the solid iron bar holding my seat up with a lighter water pipe.

It turns out that Montana has no sales tax. It is taking me a bit to get used to that. A dollar value menu item is actually a dollar. Many stores round their prices off to eliminate pennies. I am not sure why the rest do not. There are also an incredible number of "casinos" here. Apparently any bar can offer gambling machines. And of course Indians can.

I spent the entire day working my way up the Yellowstone River valley. Highway 200 from Sidney to Glendive was a hot ride with moderate traffic against a wicked head wind. In Glendive I just sat at the city park for a few hours waiting for the weather to cool while the cottonwood trees showered me with cotton-like floating seeds.

Suddenly the wind changed 180 degrees and I was on my way again. From Glendive I had two options: Interstate 94 or a gravel Road 261. Obviously I chose gravel. But I can say with some authority now that gravel roads in Montana suck. There is so much gravel that the road turns soft and bike tires sink right in. So even though I now had a strong tail wind I still had to work as hard to go forward.

The sky doesn't seem bigger here. Maybe it's because I've been in a valley since arriving. And other than an amazing variety of irrigation techniques and miles of round bales there is very little to see. It was only serendipity that I found the very non-lifelike dinosaur statue.

Near the end of the day it began to rain and storm in spots. Lightning flashing to the ground in what appears to be clear air is disconcerting.

I found a campsite on some ranch land near the Interstate. It's nice not being mobbed by mosquitoes. But you still have to watch out for those evil flies.

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